LatinSummer Faculty & Staff: Program Overview

Ascanius seeks high school and college Latin students who wish
to spread their enthusiasm for the ancient world to a new generation!

Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the classical world in the elementary and middle school, is now accepting applications for faculty positions at LatinSummer 2013 now through February 15, 2013.

LatinSummer is a two-week long program for students in elementary and middle school. In 2013, the program will run in three locations:

  • LatinSummer St. Louis, Mo. (July 5 - 19, 2013)
  • LatinSummer Charleston, SC (July 12 - 26, 2013)
  • LatinSummer Williamsburg, Va. (July 19 - August 2, 2013)

Honorarium, Training, & Covered Expenses
All faculty members will earn a small honorarium. All faculty members will receive training both via distance learning (in the months leading up to the program) and on-site (in the days before the program begins). Some or all expenses are covered.

  • St. Louis & Charleston: Faculty members will receive partial reimbursement for board.
  • Williamsburg: Faculty members will receive full funding for room and board, and full or partial reimbursement for travel costs.

Applicant Requirements
Any high school Latin student currently enrolled in grades 10, 11, or 12, and any freshman or sophomore college Latin student is welcome to apply. You must also meet the program-specific requirements below:

  • St. Louis: Applicants must be able to commute daily to the program location. See note below.
  • Charleston: Applicants must be able to commute daily to the program location. College Latin students from any level may apply for the Charleston program. See note below.
  • Williamsburg: Applicants must reside in or attend school in Virginia or contiguous states. Ability to commute daily to the program location is NOT required.
  1. Read all information and eligibility requirements thoroughly and make sure you understand them before applying. Write the Institute ( if you are unclear.
  2. The Institute does not discourage any student from applying to its programs. However, faculty positions at programs at which the ability to commute daily is a requirement (Charleston & St. Louis) are intended for students who reside locally. Agreements and relationships with local schools and districts may preclude the Institute from hiring many, if any, out-of-area applicants.
  3. If an out-of-area student chooses to apply, s/he must have family members (not friends) local to the LatinSummer location. Said family members must have, at the time of application, agreed to house said student for the duration of the program. Alternatively, if an out-of-area student chooses to apply, s/he must have a parent willing to travel to the LatinSummer location and stay with the student for the duration of the LatinSummer program. The parent must have made this willingness known to the student prior to the time of application.
  4. No student, regardless of age, will be permitted to apply for or work at LatinSummer if s/he is from out-of-area and intends to stay alone and/or with anyone who is not a family member at any point during the duration of the LatinSummer program.
  5. LatinSummer is not a "backup option". Do not apply if you cannot accept the position if offered it, or if you do not intend to accept the position if offered it.