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eTogaTrek: Mosaics Bonus Activity (ep. 04b)

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eTogaTrek: Mosaics

Instructor: Kelly Hart
Coordinator: Kevin Jefferson

with special thanks to
Chloè Benner
Caitlin Campbell
Nadia Ghosheh
Brad Jefferson
Irene Morrison
Kate Preble
Matthew Webb
Students of LatinSummer Boston 2014

eTogaTrek Committee 2014-2015
Cynthia Cheng
Grace de Majewski
Kevin Jefferson
Elizabeth Shaw

"Run Amok"
by Kevin MacLeod (
Creative Commons License: By Attribution 3.0

by Ascanius Staff
or in the Public Domain
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Think About It!

  1. If you were a Roman, where would you put a mosaic in your house?
  2. What design would you use for your mosaic?
  3. What was difficult about creating a design in your mosaic?
Check back on July 31 for answers to your questions about architecture! Do you have a question you would like to ask? Click here to send us your questions!

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