Ascanius Grant for Professional Development
at the Elementary and Middle School Level

This grant is intended to support continuing education for teachers (and teachers-in-training) whose instruction or programming, focused on Latin and/or the ancient Greco-Roman world, will ultimately benefit elementary and/or middle school students. Amounts up to $1,000 are available to assist teachers with registration/tuition, travel, room, and board for programs, conferences, or courses.

Eligibility: Applicants must be teachers or teachers-in-training. They may either be teachers who primarily teach Latin and/or Classics, or they may be other teachers (e.g., general education or gifted) seeking to increase their knowledge of Latin and/or Classics in order to incorporate these areas into their students' instruction. The students who will benefit from the teacher's professional development should be elementary and/or middle school students.

This grant does not support tuition for courses taken for credit; however, it can offer assistance with relevant costs such as books, seminars, and conferences to individuals pursuing advanced degrees that will further our mission. The applicant must articulate this in their application and attach a detailed budget.

Application Requirements:

Please provide a short letter describing your goals as an educator of elementary or middle-school-aged students in the subject area of Latin and/or the ancient Mediterranean. Discuss your proposed program and explain how it would contribute to those goals.

Please provide an approximate budget outlining your expenses for participating in this program, and any other funding you may receive. It is the understanding that the sum of all scholarships and grants will not exceed the expenses that this program will require (tuition, travel, lodging, etc.)

Please include your resume or curriculum vitae.

Grant recipients will be asked to write up a short description of their use of the funds and their impact in the classroom. Failure to submit this brief report may disqualify recipients from future funding from Ascanius.

Applications may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed by the committee at the end of each month. For any questions, contact

Please note that any individual may only receive one grant from Ascanius per academic year.

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