Iter Ascanii: The Journey of Ascanius
Ascanius looks back on the events of 2020: New Classical Promise Grant recipients, our presentation at the American Classical League, and upcoming new grant opportunities for teachers. Read more here!
Building a Path to Knowledge
Watch this video to see what Ascanius is all about. In these difficult times, we are trying to make affordable programs available to students of all backgrounds. The generosity of individual donors and organizations helps make this happen, and you can be a part of it.


Classical Promise Grants
Applications open to teachers and students
for elementary and middle school programs
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Rudolph Masciantonio Grant
The "Classics for All" Grant
for events, programs, and projects
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Grant for Professional Development
For teachers at the Elementary & Middle School
to support continuing education
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The Shooting Star
An E-Newsletter of Lessons & Activities
to bring Latin, mythology, Roman culture alive
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An Online Video Series
for Elementary and Middle School Students!
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