LatinSummer Williamsburg: Student Photo Album

Day 1: Monday, July 22 (click for slideshow)
Family Trees, Bullas, Name Acrostics

Day 2: Tuesday, July 23 (click for slideshow)
Roman Clothing, Direct Objects, Numbers Books, Illustrated Animals/Colors Sentences

Day 3: Wednesday, July 24 (click for slideshow)
Joe Body Parts, Tracing Body Parts, Knucklebones

Day 4: Thursday, July 25 (click for slideshow)
Geography of the Roman Empire, Roman Roads, Temples, Frescoes, Roman Coins

Day 5: Friday, July 26 (click for slideshow)
Roman military standards, Roman Roads, Italy Cookies, Colors Collages, Story Scenes, Making Roman Coins

Day 6: Monday, July 29 (click for slideshow)
Roman coins, Writing Tablets, Banquet, Edible Aquarium, Joe Body Parts, Bath Houses

Day 7: Tuesday, July 30 (click for slideshow)
Gladiator Simulation, Frescoes, Gods Puppets, and Mosaics

Day 8: Wednesday, July 31 (click for slideshow)
Shields, Numbers Books, Myth Dioramas, and Animals in Latin

Day 9: Thursday, August 1 (click for slideshow)
Myth Dioramas, Natural World Explorations, Gods Puppets, Election Advertisements