Roman Explorations: Curriculum

The textbook series Minimus tells the story of a mouse, named Minimus, who lives with a family in Ancient Roman Britain. It recounts his adventures as he avoids the family's cat, Vibrissa, and watches the rest of the family learn about the world of the Romans. The story is told through colorful Latin comic strips, and the book helps students learn more about Latin grammar. Use this book to learn more of everything: Latin, mythology, and Roman culture!

Through examination of the Minimus series and through guided tours of sites and museums, this workshop will prepare participants to knowledgeably and confidently teach their students about the following aspects of the ancient Roman world:

  • culture
  • mythology
  • history
  • basics of the Latin language
  • word roots

CEU's are available. Participants will receive a certificate documenting their 50+ contact hours.

Three graduate credits (cost TBA) are optional via Ashland University.