Roman Explorations

July 14 - 20, 2016
Prepare yourself to embark on a journey you'll never forget...
to open up the world of Latin and the ancient Romans for your students!

Roman Explorations is a workshop for elementary and middle school teachers* and homeschool instructors, on-site in Rome! You will learn about the Latin language, as well as the culture, myth, and history of the ancient Romans! You will also see fun techniques for incorporating these topics in your classroom!

Participants will enjoy learning the basics of Latin, using a colorful, engaging, kid-friendly text called Minimus (Cambridge University Press). No previous experience with Latin is necessary!

In addition, participants will spend the bulk of their time journeying through the city of Rome, witnessing the monumental sites and museums firsthand. An accomplished instructor will provide commentary, lead discussion, and suggest lessons and activities for incorporating this material into the classroom.

Participants will receive myriad classroom-ready materials on all topics studied.

Download a full-color flyer to share with friends and colleagues!

*The target audience is those who do not currently teach Latin.