Other Resources

Ad Astra! - Resources for Futher Exploration (Kevin Jefferson)
An index to resources for Latin & Classics on the elementary school level. Comprehensive and annotated handout and PowerPoint presentation documenting a wide range of available resources.

Excellence Through Classics for Elementary/Middle School Levels
The national body overseeing and supporting Classical Studies on the lower levels. ETC's website includes information about the National Mythology Exam (grades 3-9), Classics, myth, and Latin teaching packets and publications, the newsletter PRIMA, and various useful links.

Latinteach.com provides a subscription-based email digest and articles to discuss methods of teaching Latin. The Yahoo group Latin-BestPractices discusses methods for effectively implementing all means of communication, especially speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Children's Books on the Ancient World
Very comprehensive bibliographies appropriate for grades 3-8 are provided by Ascanius and the University of Kentucky. In addition Magistra Cohen provides a list of reading materials appropriate for grades K-3; she also provides more book ideas for grades 2-6.

Prima Articles
Three helpful articles from Prima, the journal of Excellence Through Classics:

Read more editions of PRIMA on the Excellence Through Classics website.