Welcome to The Shooting Star!

The Shooting Star is a collection of e-newsletters that were created as part of the Ascanius Membership Program. Each issue includes lesson plans and activity ideas centering around a common theme.

Roman Roads (February 2020)

All Roads Lead to Rome! Inside this issue: A Roman road trip board game, Candy Roman road models, the Roman Appius Claudius Caecus, the word “via,” and more!

Gladiators (October 2019)

Gladiators Inside this issue: Gladiatorial advertisements and emblems, Spartacus, holding your own tournament, Playmobil gladiators, and more!

Ceres and Proserpina (February 2019)

Ceres and Proserpina Inside this issue: the story of Proserpina in English and in a simple Latin comic, the word “etiology,” the poet Ovid, and more!

Roman Baths (August 2018)

Roman Baths Inside this issue: a mock visit to the baths, reading workshop, the Roman writer Seneca, English words related to Roman baths, and more!

Parts of the Body (April 2018)

Partēs Corporis! Inside this issue: a conversational Latin monster-guessing game, anatomical votive offerings, the doctor Galen, medical terms with fascinating origins, and more!

The Ides of March (January 2018)

Et tu, Brute? Inside this issue: Two Ides-themed Latin language activities, reenacting a Roman funeral, the writer Suetonius, the term “Ides,” and more!

Clothing (November 2017)

The clothes make the man! Inside this issue: a Roman fashion show, bulla posters, Quintilian, the words “palliative” and “protection,” and more!

Coins (August 2017)

Show me the money! Inside this issue: an introduction to Roman coins, the emperor Diocletian, Roman coin replicas, the word “pecuniary,” an interview with a coin collector, and more!

Colors (June 2017)

“I think the names of colors are at the edge, between where language fails and where it’s at its most powerful.” – British writer A. S. Byatt Inside this issue: Latin colors and rock painting, statues in color, Pliny the Elder, the word “iridescence,” and more!

Romulus and Remus (April 2017)

Ab urbe conditā… Inside this issue: The story of Romulus and Remus in English and in Latin, the author Livy, an online storyboard resource, the word “palatial,” and more!

Mythological Couples (February 2017)

Love conquers all… Inside this issue: Stories of mythological couples, valentine cards and shoeboxes, Valentinus, mythology charm bracelets, the word “cherish,” and more!

Roman Foods (November 2016)

Gobble till you wobble… Inside this issue: Spoken Latin activities with food vocabulary, a Roman restaurant creation challenge, Roman recipes, the writer Apicius, the word “companion,” and more!

Elections (September 2016)

Friends, Pompeians, and Countrymen, lend me your votes… Inside this issue: creating Pompeian election graffiti, an election simulation, chalk spray, Quintus Tullius Cicero, the words “candidate” and “candid,” and more!

Mythological Monsters (July 2016)

They did the mash…they did the monster mash! Inside this issue: an introduction to many monsters of Greek mythology, a spoken-Latin game, a crossword puzzle that explores certain monsters’ influence on our modern world, the poet Ovid, a posable Cerberus statue, the word “monstrosity,” and more!  Plus, a bonus lesson featuring Pokemon!

Chariot Racing (May 2016)

And they’re off! This month we’ll explore the exciting world of chariot racing. Inside this issue: a chariot race simulation, a chariot racing spoken-Latin board game, a reconstruction of the Circus Maximus, a famous Roman athlete, and more!

Roman Britain (March 2016)

Roman Britain: This month we’ll explore Roman Britain. Inside this issue: the famous Vindolanda tablets and an infinitives composition activity, a webquest about forts in Roman Britain, the warrior queen Boudicca, sand castle molds, and more!

Roman Religion (January 2016)

Dī Immortālēs! This month we’re taking a look at Roman religion. Inside this issue: a Roman religion board game, a lesson in augury, a bonus lesson on the gods and goddesses, the words “inaugural” and “auspicious,” and more!

Constellations (October 2015)

Ecce, Cassiopeia! This month we’re looking up at the sky for some Classically inspired constellations. Inside this issue: exploring five basic constellations, drawing constellations, Claudius Ptolemy, the words “stellar” and “astronaut,” and more!

Math and Numerals (August 2015)

Ūnus, duō, trēs Rōmānī… This month, we are focusing on math and numerals in Latin and the ancient world. Inside this issue: adding Latin numbers, Roman numerals BINGO, Hypatia the Mathematician, Roman Numerals dice, and more!

Archaeology (June 2015)

Digging in the dirt… This month, we uncover ways to test out archaeology in the classroom. Inside this issue: textual lacunae, archaeological observations, items in a Roman town, the Roman poet Ovid, the word “excavate,” and more!

Roman Houses (May 2015)

Reptō ē tablīnō! Currō in cūlinam! This month, we explore houses in Latin and the Roman world. Inside this issue: a Roman house board game, a game of twister, the emperor Nero, Easter eggs, and more!

Conversational Latin (February 2015)

Salvete, omnes! This month, we have a lot to talk about!  Our theme is Conversational Latin!  Inside this issue: A tea party with neuter nouns, Roman foods, the online resource Wheel Decide, the words “eloquent” and “loquacious,” and more!

Saturnalia (December 2014)

Io, Saturnalia! It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the festival of Saturnalia!  This month: a reenactment of Saturnalia, writing cards in Latin, carols in Latin, uses for gingerbread man cookies, and more!

Maps and Travel (October 2014)

Are we there yet? This month we’ll take a journey around the ancient Mediterranean. Inside this issue: a human map of the Roman provinces, the wanderings of the heroes, fascinating online maps, ancient Roman travel mugs, the word “circumnavigate,” and more!

The Trojan War (August 2014)

“I fear the Greeks, even bearing gifts…” This month we’ll explore the Trojan War. Inside this issue: Trojan War Character Day, snake sentences, an Odyssey game, straw hat battle helmets, the word “muse,” and more!

Animals (May 2014)

Lions, and tigers, and bears…oh my! This month’s theme is animals. Inside this issue: a spoken Latin lesson with stuffed animals, acting out fables, a crossword puzzle generator, alphabet beads, and more!

Architecture (March 2014)

Rome wasn’t built in a day… This month we’ll take a look at classical architecture. Inside this issue: an “Influence of Classical Architecture” show-and-tell, reconstructing a ruined temple, the Ludi Florales festival, classical architecture blocks, the word “pontifex,” and more!

Writing (November 2013)

This month we’ll take a look at Roman writing. Inside this issue: acrostic poems with Latin adjectives, wax tablets and Roman cursive, the Bitstrips comic creator, storytelling dice, accentuation, and more!